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You create because you care. You care about colour. You care about shape. You care about texture. Melody. Movement. Light. Words. Attire.  Rhythm. You care about emotion, connection and truth. 

But remember to care about you.

Meet Tomorr

I help creative leaders unlock growth, fulfil potential and realise business dreams  – to become the spotlight in their field. With extensive experience in theatre, opera productions, corporate training, creative industries, arts funding, marketing and communications, delivering major capital projects, commercial work, working with young and vulnerable people, corporate and change leadership. 

The most imaginative, talented people we know are rarely the most economically thriving – or even financially secure. Too often we see creativity and business development in two distinct, separate camps. As a creative leadership business consultant, I exist as your bridge to seamlessly connect the two and set you on a path to success that provides exponential growth.  

Creativity meets enterprise.  Enterprise when channelled correctly will create a prosperous business. Some struggle to see this as a happy union. But business is not a dirty word. Successful theatre is business. Design is business. Film, music, dance. For any to succeed, a professional, effective business outlook is essential. I have learnt this through decades of arts experience. Experience as a performer, creator, director and business leader that I will share with you through face-to-face workshops, online consultations, group coaching, arts conferences, bespoke seminars and public speaking.  

Business success brings security. Security breeds greater confidence. This confidence leads to enhanced creativity. Its a win-win.

Tomorr Kokona

One-to-one & Group Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy Support


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