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Creative industries coach, consultant, public speaker, trainer and movement director, working worldwide.

Meet Tomorr

Tomorr is a world class performing arts consultant, coach, mentor, movement director and choreographer dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive through face-to-face, online and group coaching, consultations and seminars.

Alongside various international engagements, Tomorr delivers seminars, mentoring programmes and talks for creative entrepreneurs and organisations on art-form and business development.

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Group Coaching with Tomorr

Business Training for Freelancers & Creative People

Most freelancers, small and medium-size business owners, struggle with stress, work all hours under constant pressure. During this seminar you will learn how to identify your business passion, niche, market needs adjust your approach to these market by developing your personalised business model.

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Succeed in Performing Arts - Introductory Workshop

Succeed in Performing Arts – Introductory Workshop

Regardless of wherever you are on your creative journey; this workshop is for you if you want to position yourself in the top of your field, want to learn the secrets of highly paid people and successful artists and ultimately understand how to get there.

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Artistic Business Conversations with Tomorr Ongoing Online Meeting

Artistic Business Conversations with Tomorr

Are you an artist, arts manager or a creative entrepreneur? Are you struggling to unlocking your creative and business growth? During this 20 minutes exploratory session we will discuss where you are at the moment, what you want to achieve, what’s on the way and how to get there.

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