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Don't just step into the spotlight. Become the spotlight.

I am a London-based performing arts business consultant, coach and mentor with a background as an international arts practitioner specialising in theatre, movement and choreography spanning over three decades. I use this wealth of experience, a wide array of skills and my academic studies to help individuals and businesses prosper.

My Five Step coaching programme, The STARS Method is designed to unlock potential, stimulate growth and transform lives. This is a proven, transformative process that turns your creative passion into profit. And helps you develop into the creative leader you deserve to be – The Spotlight in your chosen field.

The STARS Method

Strategise by finding your purpose, becoming conscious of your role, setting  up clear goals and evaluating your market’s makeup.

Transform your reality by leveraging resources and influence to create opportunities, then develop your enterprise’s concept.

Act by organising, activating, running and managing your creative enterprise with maximum impact.

Refine your systems by measuring success and innovating your approach.

Scale up by nurturing new talent, forging partnerships and expanding your enterprise.


Through face-to-face, online, one-to-one and group coaching alongside public speaking and symposiums, I have inspired positive change for thousands of people worldwide. This vast experience stems from my extensive academic studies,

a history of creating large-scale cultural events, exhibitions, arts festivals, bespoke programmes and creative businesses. A wealth of enterprise experience gained as a solo arts entrepreneur and also in partnership with private and public organisations.

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My Story

I did it the hard way. At times it was a struggle but now as a success in multiple arts disciplines, I look back on the path that brought me here and think of guidance that would have made my creative progress that much easier. As a mentor and coach, I provide what was missing along the way; learning from past, personal experience and the journeys of other artists and teachers. As well as current client success stories. Today I inspire creativity and free untapped, creative, entrepreneurial growth.

I have worked with tens of thousands of professional artists across the world in top tier leadership roles. From English National Opera to Classical Ballet Of Madrid, I have led from creative management level. Productions I created have graced stages at London Southbank, Teatro Di Roma, The Albanian National Ballet, Chelsea’s Cadogan Hall, and Wembley Arena.

For a business perspective: I have set up a dance company, a translation agency, a consultancy service for social workers, a training programme for the police force and a performing arts academy in London, which to this day remains oversubscribed. I specialise in arts collaboration; past clients and partners include local education authorities, New Scotland Yard, local councils and leading creatives across the country.

Up to now I have raised millions of pounds in arts funding from various sources including our National Lottery, The Heritage Fund, Local Authorities, but this number increases monthly.

European-funded organisations have selected me for various projects. Mercury Creatives is a platform established by the EU for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

I have been brought on board as an official mentor, guiding their members as they plough their own path through artistic and business fields.

A variety of my online training and networking platforms have been utilised by many organisations, colleges, universities and individuals. I have set up and managed platforms on funding, international touring, artistic production, creative partnering, arts budgeting and of course, creative leadership. I also develop business training for people in creative industries including music, theatre, dance, costume and set design, fashion, museums, circus and film.

In my sparse downtime I am writing a book, The STARS Method – How To Become The Spotlight in the Creative Industries that will be published in the summer of 2021.

If you would like to be a shining success story in a future book, please get in touch now and we can move forward together. Creatively.

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