Artists and Mental Health

I’m producing an informative event as part of the Mental Health Awareness Week in collaboration with Capezio Danceware in Covent Garden.

Why talk about Mental Health for Artists?

Speaking about mental health issues such as loneliness, anxiety, depression and emotional disorders is still considered a taboo among many artists. Often, before approaching a mental health specialist many artists struggle alone and rely heavily on the support of family members, friends and colleagues.

Dancers’ mental strengths and positive capabilities are rarely discussed alongside conversations about ill-health, leading to a lack of recognition for elements that support artists’ wellbeing, such as engagement, meaning, accomplishment, and positive emotions and relationships (Seligman, 2011).

Mental ill-health has been described as a “slow-growing epidemic” and the worst thing about it is that it doesn’t discriminate – anyone can be affected by it.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men between the ages of 29-49 in the United Kingdom and it has become a significant national social issue. In 2017 there were approximately 5,821 registered deaths by suicide in the United Kingdom, equating to an average of 16 suicides per day in the country.

What’s the need?
Despite some attempts from organisations such as NIDMS (National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science) and individual psychologists such as Terry Hyde, there is an enormous gap in providing mental health support for artists.

Here is a short video by one of the panelists Erin Sanchez the Healthier Dancer Programme Manager for One Dance UK.


The aim of this session is to raise awareness and dispel the myths of mental health through an open discussion and Q&A session.

✅ Screening: A Dance Film and the mental health theme (TBC)
✅ A new book on dancers’ psychological development and mental health by Erin Sanchez, Dave Collins PhD CPsychol CSci FSMA AFBPsS, and Áine MacNamara, PhD
✅ Q&A with the specialist panel
✅ Networking over a glass of wine

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