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Why is Performing Arts Industry Feeling the Current Crises so Deeply and what’s the alternative?

We are seeing half baked “plans” by various governments to “support” the performing arts industry. ...
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The Three Stages of The Performing Arts Career or Enterprise Cycle

At Which Stage of The Performing Arts Career or Enterprise Cycle are you? 1. The ...
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Lead your Performing Arts Enterprise by Understanding the Four Levels of Consciousness

Do you know anyone who is constantly complaining about everything that “happen to them”? In ...
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Interdisciplinary Art Forms and ScreenDance Podcast

Recently I was invited to the podcast of Motion Dance Collective to talk about screendance, ...
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The Benefits of Mentoring in the Performing Arts Career, Enterprise and Business

Throughout my practice as a creative industries and performing arts specialist and coach I am ...
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Pitching Your Artistic Idea and Vision Clearly is Vital

‘’It took me a while to realise that if I wanted to communicate my artistic ...
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Artists Connect & Support to Reset & Reinvent – Weekly Updates

What is Artists Connect and Support to Reset and Reinvent?   This is a free ...
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The difference between Passion, Hobby and Profession

I love being creative and I know I can do it for free… yet, this ...
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Artists Connect & Support to Reset-Reinvent

Weekly Online Meetings. To attend the weekly meetings 👉Send an Email To access the weekly ...
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Creative Business Cycle – Making Money as an Artist

I was invited at the Creators Club to talk about how artists can thrive by ...
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14.04.2020 Weekly Updates: Artists Connect & Support to Reset-Reinvent

What is Artists Connect & Support, Reset-Reinvent? This is a free weekly online meeting of ...
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3 Ways How to Engage With Your Audience

 Engaging with audiences is vital for creative people. In this video Tomorr explains about ...
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