There is a process for setting the right path to fulfil your potential as a Creative Leader. Forensic assessment of what is holding you back and the formulation of a detailed plan to overcome these obstacles combine to take you to new, productive heights. That process goes something like this:


The Spotlight

Click here to fill out “The Spotlight” Evaluation Questionnaire.

• An initial 10 minutes Clarity phone conversation to ensure you are the right person for the offering.  

• An invitation to Creative Case Assessment lasting 45 minutes (online or in person).

• An offer to partake at The STARS Method Programme of 6 to 12 months of 2 hour coaching sessions (one-to-one or group-centred).

• Weekly WhatsApp bulletins.

• Online community support via the mastermind group.

• A monthly live Q & A via Power Group.



In addition to The Spotlight path you can make use of these additional options:

Utilise my free resources.

Blogs and articles on LinkedIn

Watch various videos on my Blog page, YouTube, Facebook etc

Read my book “The STARS Method – How to Become The Spotlight in the Creative Industries”.

Take the self-assessment quiz that helps those stuck in their creative careers.

Invite me for a keynote presentation or a conference.

Consider team building or group coaching for your organisation.


How does the consultation and coaching works with Tomorr Tomorr Kokona pitches to the “Dragons” panel. New Ideas, New Inspirations, Fundraising Conference at London’s City Hall. Dance UK’s Agile Fundraising Programme. Photo by Bettina Strenske.

Assess Your Aims And Desires

Once you have opted for real change and made contact with me, the next step is to understand you and where you are in your career at this very moment in time. What has brought you here and where do you wish to go? Identifying shortcomings and strengths is my focus. Once these have been determined, a clear, productive Personal Action Plan is developed. No fanciful dreams. A feasible plan; one with specific goals and attainable deadlines.


Identify The Challenge

Where do you wish to go? What are your needs? Your desires? Your aspirations? And most importantly, what has prevented you from achieving them before now?


Solution And Strategy

From past personal and professional experience as a successful artist and producer I know which tools must be utilised to effect the change you need. Following years of working closely with talented, international STARS PERFORMERS and creative leaders, I have deciphered the code for success. Clear, concise, step-by-step instruction plus constant support from me through the STARS Performing method will enable you to pass the goals on your own road to success.


Plan For Success

The next stage is Expansive Engagement. My decades of experience across the arts in the UK and overseas enable me to act as a maven. Your connector to top industry operators and creative institutions. I expand your network and ensure catalytic connections that make a difference.


Appraise Progress

Working closely together, your Creative Leader development is monitored and evaluated every step of the way. Productivity of outcome is central to everything I do. From bank balance to personal equilibrium, that prize of life-enhancing, positive change is my constant aim.

You can read about some of my Creative Leader successes here


Make It Happen

If you see yourself as a leader in a creative field but yearn for change, or wish to become a Creative Leader and need help along that path, please get in touch. We should walk it together.v

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