Interdisciplinary Art Forms and ScreenDance Podcast

Recently I was invited to the podcast of Motion Dance Collective to talk about screendance, interdisciplinary art-forms, artistic business etc.

Among others Motion Dance Collective said:

In this series we focus on interdisciplinary artists, as we speak to prominent practitioners who work within the realm of screendance. Kicking us of is performing arts consultant, coach, mentor, movement director and choreographer, Tomorr Kokona.

As a mentor of The Motion Dance Collective, it was only a matter of time before we invited this brilliant mind onto the podcast. Tomorr breaks down important themes of distribution, profitability, intellectual property, collaborations and partnerships, through his incredible personal stories that take place within 30 years of creative and leadership roles. This man fills a gap in the need for the further education of the above themes! In great anticipation for his upcoming book, ‘Perform Your Best: How to do what you love and get paid what your worth’, we chat with Tomorr on how we can develop systems for success through being interdisciplinary artists. Here is a link to their inspirational and informative podcast.

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