Pay yourself first – Advice for creative people

Today I had a meeting with a dear friend who had a big dilemma. He is an amazing composer and creates on a daily bases.

His dilemma was:

How to raise funds for a dance and music production which he would like to then convert it into a short dance film?

When I asked him about the concept and most importantly the budget, it turned out that he’s raising funds, but not for himself or the dancer.

The funds he’s raising are mainly to pay other people…!

So, the advice I gave him was: you’ve got to pay yourself first!

You cannot go forward as an artist creating work and leaving yourself last. If you don’t think of the number 1 first you’re not going to be able to bring others around you.

This is a big handicap for many creative people. They only think about the creative idea but forget to pay themselves or they leave themselves last.

My message today for all of you my friends is:


By Tomorr Kokona

Creative Industries Coach and Movement Director

Nurturing Creativity, Promoting Wellbeing and Unlocking Growth

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