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Perhaps you lack exposure or deserved recognition in your field.  Or you have lost passion for something you used to live for – blindly going through the motions where once you blazed a trail.  Business has not developed as you hoped – the bearers of those contracts, partnerships and lucrative deals just didn’t come knocking. Cash-flow worries, mounting debt, lack of future investment, stop-start commission flow – the pressures keep piling up. Gripped by an unstinting inertia, you feel stuck. That’s you.

Me? I show you the way out. The Spotlight is the answer via The STARS Method. Through careful consulting or micro-mentorship I focus on these problems. While simultaneously shining a bright light on the solutions.  Sometimes they are obvious but you just couldn’t see them. It’s nobody’s fault. That’s just where your head was at. But at other times these solutions are far more complex.

It’s not about being in the spotlight – you become that spotlight. The focal point from which everything shines. Spotlight Leaders attract the best collaborators, are namechecked in conversations that matter, secure the most funding year on year, enjoy more time being creative and are better rewarded for their imaginative innovation. This is who you should be.

You have transferable skills that can fuel such entrepreneurial adventure. And transform your life. From one-on-one guidance to group coaching, bespoke workshops to weekend conferences, there are effective methods to plot your escape and kick-start your growth. Personal and financial. 

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There is a process for setting the right path to fulfil your potential as a Creative Leader. Forensic assessment of what is holding you back and the formulation of a detailed plan to overcome these obstacles combine to take you to new, productive heights. Read more…

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