The Benefits of Mentoring in the Performing Arts Career, Enterprise and Business

Throughout my practice as a creative industries and performing arts specialist and coach I am often asked:

Do I need a mentor? How will it help my creative career, enterprise or business?

In this video, I explain the importance and benefits of mentoring in the creative industries.

Some of the topics covered here are:

* The Benefits of Mentoring in the Performing Arts Business with Tomorr Kokona

* The importance of mentors in the creative and cultural industries.

* The specific skills and experiences needed to be a mentor in the creative industries.

* The importance of a tailor-made framework and personalised approach needed when mentoring artists and creative people.

* Fostering enterprise and business skills for success in the creative people by planning, identifying resources and building partnerships.

* The importance of brokering transnational relationships and collaborations between artists in the performing arts and creative businesses.

* The importance of learning and qualifications other than those gained through the artistic and creative formal education.

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