UK Prime Minister receives an open letter from the EQUITY

On Saturday 6 March 2020, EQUITY presented an open letter to the Prime Minister.

The letter highlights creative industries achievements, expresses concerns about luck of investment and the need to protect, support and develop the arts in the UK

Here is a short version of the eight points letter:

  1. Protect the BBC as a vital cultural and educational institution
  2. Introduce a two-year reciprocal and affordable visa for all creative EU workers
  3. Eliminate the need for carnets and other permits for international artists
  4. Spread investment in the creative industries around the UK
  5. Restore local authority funding
  6. Place arts and creative subjects back at the heart of the curriculum
  7. Ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience theatre
  8. Increase funding for the arts to 0.5% of GDP

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